Inherited Antibacterial and Fire Retardant

Medicated shower curtains are commonly used in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and other institutions to aid in the control of bacteria in the bathroom. Shower curtains sold in stores come in a wide variety of materials and features, including those that are eco-friendly and others that are resistant to the growth of bacteria.

A wide variety of medical shower curtains, suitable for use in either commercial or residential settings, can be found at Dubai Drapes Studio. Our hospital shower curtains are either special linen or vinyl, available in various lengths and standard width combinations to meet your needs.

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What Is A Commercial Shower Curtain

Shower Curtains made for commercial use are the kind you'll typically see in public facilities like hospitals and other places with shared bathing spaces. The most critical functions that hospital shower curtains serve are to maintain patients' privacy and to stop water from spilling out into the rest of the bathroom. Shower curtains designed for commercial use are often made of heavy-duty vinyl and coated with an antibacterial agent, which helps prevent the buildup of mold and soap scum. Because of this feature, commercial shower curtains are simple to maintain and clean even after being used on several occasions. The elimination of bacteria is a primary focus of the design of commercial shower curtains, which can enhance the practicality of any bathroom.

The cloth we used for the shower curtain has a pleasant gloss that makes it look warm and hygienic. Our Shower Curtains are naturally resistant to fire and germs and have a fluorine-free water repellent that is both long-lasting and durable; this fabric is one of our most versatile solutions.

This modern, minimalist shower curtains fabric can make any bathroom feel clean and tidy. The linear texture, flowing fabric, and polished beauty of Shower Mist's fabric create its own look.

Technical features of our fabrics

Inherited Antibacterial and Fire Retardant

Fabrics of Shower Curtain

Inherited Antibacterial and Fire Retardant

Plains/ Textured/ Floural/ kids Collection

Shower curtains are made from 100% polyester, specially produced for hospitals use with antibacterial and fire-retardant properties to avoid any fungal, virus or other infections. 


Inherited Antibacterial and Fire Retardant


Fluorine-free Water Repellent

Antimicrobial Finish

Passes NFPA 701 Small Scale Fire Retardant Test

Passes CAN/ULC-S109 Flame Resistance Test


Inherited Antibacterial and Fire Retardant

Color Type: Dye, Fabric Content: 100% Polyester

Finish: Anti-Microbial, Fire-Retardant, Fluorine-free Water Repellent

Weave: Dobby, Width: 72 inches (1800mm)

Horizontal Repeat: 0.19, Vertical Repeat: 0.25

Approximate Yards per Roll: 100, Approximate Yards per Case: 375

Weight: 3.00 oz./sq. yard

Standard Industry Tolerances Apply


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