Comercial Blinds and Curtains

Manual/ Motorized Blinds and Curtains

We can offer custom made commercial manual and motorized blinds and curtains in a wide range of fabric, colours, materials and sizes. From small and medium blinds, to heavy duty blinds, we offer all sizes to fit your requirements.

Having a wide range of fabric colors, and materials, we can offer a perfect solution for your commercial offices, schools, universities, hospitals, government organizations and all.

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Sunscreen/ Vertical Blinds for Offices/ Schools & Commercial Buildings

Our 100s of sunscreen blinds with 1% - 3% - 5% - 7% & 10% openess factor for schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, residential and commercial buildings are perfect for controlling the amount of light you allow into the room.

Vertical blinds for schools offer superb control over how much light is filtered into a room. When closed they provide privacy and protect furniture and carpets from direct sunlight.


We spend much time at work, so it's crucial to ensure it's beautiful and trendy and that you're not jeopardizing your health by working in a terrible environment - this is where our office blinds come in handy. Our office blinds have the potential to enhance a company's environment. The ambiance of a workplace is highly influenced by its surroundings, with sunscreen blinds being one of the most prominent elements. Therefore, selecting a suitable office blind in terms of textures, colors, patterns, and materials will affect the staff's mood. They will simultaneously add visual appeal to the workplace. Dubai Drapes Studio is one of the leading suppliers of commercial blinds in the UAE.

When it comes to blinds for offices, there is a wide variety of options available in terms of designs, materials, colors, and styles. Some can be operated manually, while others are motorized. Our office sunscreen blinds complement the decor of your space and lend an air of professionalism to the area.

Our comprehensive selection of business sunscreen blinds makes it possible to protect one's eyesight when working with computers or papers, avoid unwanted glare on screens, achieve better degrees of comfort when using projectors, and enjoy privacy in cafeterias and meeting rooms.

Vertical blinds, sunscreen blinds, and blackout roller blinds are some of the office blinds that we recommend. Vertical blinds can be installed on raked and angled windows, giving users control over the amount of sunlight that enters the room and their level of privacy throughout the day. Blackout roller blinds completely block the light, while sunscreen roller blinds prevent the room from becoming too dim (great for conference rooms).

Our product catalog covers every conceivable variety of commercial sunscreen blinds you could require for your business in Dubai, such as blinds for commercial properties, blinds for conference rooms, hotels, and meeting rooms for rental properties.

Blackout Blinds for Schools

Our commercial blackout blinds for schools give simple style to classroom but are perfect for heat retention and blocking light from entering or leaving.

Electric classroom blinds allow easy operation in the classroom, allowing the blinds to be easily closed and opened automatically rather than manually.


We are experts in providing elaborate Blackout Blinds Solutions and installing all varieties of heavy-duty school blinds, most commonly commercial roller Blackout Blinds In Dubai. We provide typical child-safe controls with metal nickel bead chains and gear/crank handles or electric operations as alternatives to these two options. We specialize in providing motorized or gear-controlled roller blinds for main school halls and all high-level windows and electric roof blinds for skylights and atriums. In addition to classrooms and administrative facilities, our other areas of expertise include installing these blinds.

As a result of having worked with hundreds of schools and colleges across the UAE over the course of several years, Dubai Drapes Studio UAE has gained valuable years of experience in product offerings for the education sector. Because of our experience customizing Blackout Blinds Solutions for hallways, classrooms, restaurants, science labs, offices, and staff spaces, we can provide recommendations for the Blackout Blinds In Dubai most suited for each institution. Because we have worked with schools around the UAE to supply them with blinds of varying sizes, you can rest assured that we will deliver solutions that meet all your requirements.

If you own a nursery or any other facility where children under the age of 42 months are present, or there is a possibility that they will have access, you are obligated to install child safety blinds. We propose adopting Blackout Blinds Solutions featuring cordless systems to reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring in school environments. Safe Blackout Blinds In Dubai systems feature operation options such as crank handles and remote controls.

Our Blackout Blinds In Dubai are long-lasting materials that can withstand students' frequent attention. We can provide aftercare for all the blinds and curtains currently installed in your school. We work outside school hours to install your blackout blinds so that there is as little disruption to the teaching and learning as possible.

Printed Blinds


We are committed to supplying high-quality custom printed window blinds to our clients who are based all over the Gulf.  

We can create custom logo printed blinds for windows so please get in touch to discuss any other types of blinds required for your project. Whether you require small or large custom blinds with LOGO print, full customized blind, printed blind with kids designs, we are here to supply the printed blinds with our 100s of ready designs to make it easy for you to choose.

Curtains for Hospitality Sector/ Appartments

The curtains will surely add a touch of style and luxury to any environment. If you don't want to search for something specific, our extra large commercial curtains are a great choice - they are designed for general use of all sizes and shapes.

With our hundreds of fabrics collections, we can offer perfect solution for your hotels, appartments, villas and hospital with our blackout fabrics available in 3 layers fabrics, with back 3pass/ 4pass coating, a huge collection of textured, printed, designed curtains fabrics can be used with blackout lining with the combination of thousands of lucurious sheers fabrics options. 

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