Plantation shutters are slatted blinds made of wood and fitted on a window or door within their frames. You can control the amount of natural light and breeze that comes into the space by adjusting the slats' position, also frequently referred to as louvers. The slats can be positioned anywhere from entirely closed to open completely.

Our plantation shutters are made to order, especially to your style preferences, so we can guarantee a perfect fit every time. Our professional staff is here to assist you in locating the appropriate choice from our extensive collection of window treatments in terms of both styles and finishes, regardless of the room, design requirements, or form and size of the window. Our comprehensive measuring and installation service ensures that our in-house specialists can assist you with all your needs, beginning with the provision of an estimate at your home and continuing through the completion of an expert fit upon arrival.

Plantation shutters of superior quality and durability can dramatically alter the appearance and atmosphere of a home. It is a window treatment that has endured the test of time because of its timeless beauty and distinctiveness. The classic appeal of plantation shutters, which has been appreciated for ages in the open, veranda-style homes in warmer climates, is now employed to create a contemporary design.

Enjoy the numerous features and benefits of fashionable plantation shutters.

  • Choose between painted and stained finishes.
  • It fits most window shapes and sizes
  • Make your space more energy efficient.
  • Reduce summer cooling expenditures.
  • Room lighting can be controlled.
  • Simple to clean

The entire collection of custom-made stained timber plantation shutters is composed of gorgeous basswood, a lightwood timber known for:

  • Bowing or warping resistance
  • Elegance and sophistication that lasts
  • Grain consistency

Incredible strength and stability

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Shutters Panels

Single Panel Shutter

Bi-Fold Shutter Panels

Multi Fold Shutter Panels

Louvers Sizes

Shutters Styles

Wooden/ Aluminum

This is the first thing to think about when considering shutters.


Full Height Shutters

Most classic and popular style among all the shutter styles, frequently chosen because of the authentic look.
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Tier-on-Tier Shutters

Top and bottom panels are split, operated independently for ultimate light and privacy control.

Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe styles named due to their popularity in cafes and restaurants, it is better to choose cafe style if you would like to make the most of the sunlight and also keep your privacy.
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Tracked/ Panel Shutters

Sliding shutters are an ideal solution for large windows and expanses including Bi-Fold windows and doors, wardrobes, swimming pools, room dividers.

Solid Panels Shutters

The Solid Shutters doesn't have the louvres, it is available in full height, tier on tier and cafe style.
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Aluminum Shutters

Aluminum Shutters coming with thickness is 1.2mm and 3.0mm. The clearview rod is set on the hinge side of the panel.

French Door

This stylish solution is perfect for patios and balconies, it divides rooms and creating elegant spaces.
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Sliding Door

Very realiable and decent look to your Living area
Shaped Shutters

These are some shapes that we can make, but no matter what is the shape of the your window, we can make it.

Shutters By Room


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Living Room





Shutters Material

Pinewood/ Basswood/ Waterproof/ PVC/ MDF/ Ashwood/ Aluminum


Hardwood/ Pinewood (New Zealand Pine)



47mm, 63mm,76mm, 89mm,114mm

Waterproof PVC / Fauxwood

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Hardwood/ Pinewood (New Zealand Pine)

Basswood/ Ashwood

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Shutters Components
Tilt/ Midrail Options

Central Tilt Rod/ Offset (Hidden) Tilt/ Concealed Tilt Rod


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