Cubicle Curtains Track

Inherited Antibacterial and Fire Retardant

Custom Cubicle Curtains Track systems are optimal for establishing personal or professional seclusion in healthcare or medical settings, including hospitals, dental clinics, and operating theatres. In addition, you'll find cubicle curtains in many other settings, such as hair salons, tattoo parlors, gym locker rooms, and even wet rooms for the elderly and disabled.

We supply high-quality, life-improving Cubicle Curtains Track while expanding our line of curtain tracks. Our organization can quickly produce these tracks, which are great for people who need privacy in various scenarios. Our cubicle track can be used in various contexts, from hospitals and clinics to classrooms, beauty parlors, and retail shops. In such settings, curtain rails must be portable and simple to use.

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Our Cubicle Curtains Track systems are designed to seamlessly incorporate into various clinical settings, including ambulatory surgery centers, podiatrist clinics, and everything in between. Surface-mounted and suspended track systems are available, so you may choose the one that works best for your environment.

Access to patients is essential in healthcare settings since it allows for the safe transfer of patients from their beds to other areas of the facility, such as the restroom. However, this is more challenging because the suggested path of the cubicle curtain track and the patient lift track frequently cross. When an aluminum curtain track gets in the way, moving a patient using a ceiling lift becomes difficult. For this seemingly intractable problem, Dubai Drapes Studio has speedy and straightforward answers for its consumers.

Do you require on-site customization of your track layout? You might be interested in looking at our Cubicle Curtains Track System options. Do the curtains in the recovery rooms or critical care sections need to have a noise reduction system installed? Look at our super silent Cubicle Curtains Track System to emphasize reducing noise. Accessories for cubicle tracks provide different methods to use curtain tracks, multiple ways to configure tracks, and multiple ways to replace cubicle curtains and securely.

Technical features

Aluminum Anodized Bendable Track


• Elegant and functional Medical Track System.
• Simple and quick installation.
• Bendable, both with an inside and outside bend with
a 20 cm radius.
• Dustproof synthetic insert strip available;
• Bending Tool which can curve tracks easily.
• Colour: White.
• Lengths: 5.80 m (19’) and 7 m (23’)
• Rail quality: aluminium, chromated, powder coated.
• Factory applied patented dry lubricant

Bendable Shapes

Aluminum Anodized Bendable Track

The track can be curved and reversed curved in a 20 cm (8”) radius. Continuous curving is also available
by special order from factory only.

Beds layouts

Aluminum Anodized Bendable Track

It can be a single bed lay out with U Shape Track, L Shape Track or Straight Track

Multiple Beds Layout with continuous L Shape Connected Tracks or Individual U Shape Tracks.

Single Bed U Shape Track
Four Individual Layout
Track for Door

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