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A Guide To Improving The Insulation Of Your Windows

We discuss the most effective methods for insulating your windows and preventing heat from unnecessarily escaping through the glass in your home at a time when many of us are getting ready to experience the harsh summers or chill of winter.

How exactly do curtains contribute to the insulation of a room?

A layer of air is helped to be trapped between the fabric of the curtains (or blinds) and the glass of the window. It’s possible that heat could be leaking out of your house without your knowledge if the windows don’t have adequate insulation. Your home will feel warmer or chill according to the weather outside and more inviting if you invest in well-fitted, custom curtains, Chiffon curtains, or Plantation shutters for your windows. Our drapes come fully lined as the default, but you can upgrade to a blackout lining for even more excellent heat retention at your window openings.

Do Roman Blinds contribute to the insulation of your windows?

Installing Roman blinds in your home is an excellent option for maintaining a comfortable temperature. The Blackout blinds solutions included as standard in our roman blinds may assist you in lowering your heating costs this upcoming winter. First and foremost, this type of blind is a popular choice because it is energy efficient. This is especially true among people who have older windows, which are a contributing factor in the heat escaping.

What about installing shutters to help keep the heat in?

In a similar vein, Plantation shutters are an option that can do wonders for the insulation of your windows; however, they come at a higher cost. In addition, because of the way their frame is constructed, they are among the best options for helping to improve the energy efficiency of a home. Aside from the cafe style, which is half-height, made-to-measure shutters generally assist you in staying warmer for many years. Choosing this option will create a barrier between you and the cold made of wood (or PVC, in some cases).

Where do we even begin?

You are welcome to schedule a free in-home consultation with us, and during that time, we will do our best to answer any questions you might have about how we can assist you in making your home as warm as possible this winter. Our knowledgeable and personable surveyors will measure your windows and recommend the most suitable choices. We will start by asking what you had in mind, then proceed. Our showrooms are stocked with thousands of other roman and curtain fabrics, Sunscreen blinds, and hundreds of samples available for every blind.