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What Are Our Different Types Of Metal Venetian Blinds?


What Are Our Different Types Of Metal Venetian Blinds?

Plains Venetian blinds - Stylish, functional to match with your interior colours

Perforated Venetian blinds - Gives you the privacy and the view with elegant look  and durability of aluminum venetian blinds.

Perfect fit metal Venetian blinds - With all the same functional and aesthetic qualities of regular metal Venetian blinds, their Perfect Fit alternatives are even easier to fit requiring no DIY experiences, drills, or hammers – they simply clip in place.

Where Can You Fit Metal Venetian Blinds?

The surface layer of the metal used in crafting these blinds is protected by aluminum oxide, therefore your blinds won’t rust. This makes them perfect for rooms where they may get wet - bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms in particular. Despite its lightweight, aluminum is also very durable and flexible, making it a great investment without compromising on style.

Fun fact - aluminum is the most abundant metal in the world and the process in which it's extracted is more eco-friendly than many other materials. Since aluminum can be recycled many times over, adding a metal Venetian blind to your home will also improve its eco-friendliness!

Sizes of Aluminium Slats

25mm / 50 mm

25mm colours
25mm SLATS
50mm slats 3
50mm SLATS


25mm / 50 mm

signature/ perforated COLOURS

25mm / 50 mm

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